Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Don't roll a 1......or loose your Lunch!!

Last night at Enfield Gamers it was the third campaign turn for the Mordheim campaign.

My oriental Orcs & Goblins have been doing worryingly well and started the evening ranked 2nd of 10 with my newly recruited troll amongst their poorly washed midst.

The brief for the evening was Top Dog with the two Skaven, Greenskin and Dwarf warbands set to take each other on with a 3 way fight for top Reikland contender and a Possessed / Undead encounter rounding out the first round of the evening.

Unfortunately real world lurgy saw a bit of a reshuffle and I ended up in the middle of a Reikland sandwich.

Part of the reason I love O&G's is the random element that they bring but last night was a bit extreme.

My gobbo squig handler, on the right next to the die, failed animosity on a number of occasions attacking his apparent warband rivals three times, stunning one and taking another two out of action.

Sneaky little git! Must have been that Special Brew fungus he had for lunch. Rab C Goblin?

Ghu-Ankh (Gonk), my troll, spent several turns stupidly drooling before rushing in to a mass combat at which point he became a lean, mean vomit machine. Blowing chunks over all comers he regenerated 5 separate wounds whilst taking out the same number of warriors, killing Charlie's Captain and Champion in the process to leave his two youngblood's squabbling to leave his warband!

The Dwarf warbands just barrelled in to each other, Slayers to the fore, and proceeded to hack chunks from each other with just the odd black powder blast to interrupt proceedings.

The Skaven fight was between the campaign's two leading warbands with Veskit on one side and a home-weened Shaman of unholy destruction on the other. Veskit proved his fee as his employers just shaded a close encounter.

Now that we've established something of a pecking order I intend to get a bit more narra-tastic with events weaving things around the leading warbands and the fabled Grimoire of Grunburg. So that will be a Skaven tale then!

You dirty rats!

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