Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Competitive blogging??

I actually had a fairly decent weekend hobby-wise repairing and spray basecoating up all of the Orcs and Goblins prior to drybrushing the be-Jesus out of them but that's not massively exciting so you get this instead.

So what is this post? Labeled as "Musings" is it just a filler post designed to pad my hit-count?

Despite being at this for best part of two years now I've only recently succumbed to "stat-fever" and I know that I'm far from being the only sufferer.

I love to wander this hobby's blog-o-sphere as it provides plenty of ideas, inspiration and motivation. Over time my reading list of followed blogs has steadily increased. I've noticed a number of blogs have large followings (I have seven and I treasure each of you) and boast massive hit counts and page views (I have 4500 total page views, last month's 685 was a new record) and some blogs have been voted for various awards (well done them).

Not that this was ever an issue for me but these blogs seem to be no different to my own other than their stat....why? Not in a bad way, just out of interest.

Being a regular reader of  Tabletop Gaming News I recently joined it's blog network and unsurprisingly my stats increased greatly and I naturally felt rather chuffed at the apparent compliment. But soon I was checking my stats on a more than daily basis and in the push for another record month scouring my brain for potential post ideas.

Stimulating creativity? Maybe. Massaging ego? More than likely.

I've never blogged on a daily basis. It's a lot of effort and I'm sure that I don't have enough relevant, interesting stuff to say. Some guys do and it'll mean that they're constantly visible in other people's sidebars and blog lists which strikes as self-perpetuating.
This briefly seemed like "the next logical step" until I stepped in and hard a word with myself.

To be a little harsh many daily posters regularly have to resort to filler (filler is for cracks!) that I'll quickly glance at and then move on as I always prefer to have a thought or two provoked. I'd prefer to do the same myself if at all possible.

Each to thier own though as taste is an individual thing.

Sometime ago I just looked at my stats occasionally and wondered why the interest from Iran or South Korea. All of my most popular posts were from back when I was making up my converted Chaos Dwarf Blood-Bowl team with a lot of interest from those BB crazy Dutch dudes.

As on the table-top I've always wanted to be competitive enough to provide all involved with a worthwhile experience. The occasional win always helps but I'd never want that to become my sole motivation!.

Anyway, I've vented without ranting too much so I shall thank you for your time! Playing Naps with Rich tonight before a Star Wars RPG session tomorrow evening so grab your place early Friday 'cos that post will be a doozy!

Happy blogging :)

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  1. Unfortunately, a fat hit counter is a product of quantity and not quality. I know a lot of blogs that deserved to be seen by everyone (but they are obsure) and some other that are monster size but void of content. Being on the top of everyones blog roll is more important than providing useful content.