Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Law and Disorder

Be warned.....rather a bits and bobs post!

By combination of the Enfield riot knocking out the early morning train and a slightly sore knee *cough* flaring up *cough* I got to spend yesterday at home tying up loose ends.

I got a fair bit of work done on the church tiling all the roofs and adding a number of windows and doors. I'll put some pics on the WIP page tomorrow as that's actually what its there for!

For background I watched T3: Rise of the Machines which I'd recorded the other night, whilst cutting up card strip tiling, promptly deleting it, realising how relatively poor it was.

I also caught up on a couple of episodes of Big Bang Theory and the first series finale of Spartacus which has been excellent throughout.

Previously on Oddleg's Enterprises  Mr Aaron Tunney had donated a small pile of Warhammer building scenery bits. A door and a number of windows have made it onto the church. A touch too Gothic in all honesty but a job well done and suitably cinematic a la Sleepy Hollow which is the where I want the project to go.

The only problem was not having enough windows so I trawled the internet. Proper model-making sites offering where, unsurprisingly, too modern so it was a quick click to E-Bay. Duly located the law of "shiny, shiny, shiny, now, now ,now" kicked in and I've paid £16 (inc P&P) for 5 various sized windows.

EDIT: I've since been refunded the best part of a fiver from the seller as I failed to sort out the combined postage for myself. Thank you Battleforge, kudos!
Only since have I questioned the price or whether I could have found them cheaper but that's the nature of the beast. Bought from an E-Store I wondered about the moral side but supply and demand it is and The Itch demanded so I supplied (Eh??).

Feeling slightly sullied now, I'll be as happy as Larry (I amuse even myself!) once they're in place ready for  paint.

I'm also grateful to Aaron for the following blog-post. I've banged on about the Star Wars group repeatedly constantly trying to give enough background / detail without trying to confuse. Aaron has achieved this, not sure I have!

Club tonight, despite our location being adjacent to various riot sites. the plan is to "play it by ear" i.e. wait for the sirens and then leg it!

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