Thursday, 22 March 2012

Building up a Head of Steam

As any regular reader of my modest missives many have become aware posts have become a bit lean around here recently.

Some of that is just that I've had a couple of busy weeks out in the real world, I'm running for Sport Relief this Sunday despite my semi-crippled status and the training has been knackering. Some of it is the continuing shift of my version of the hobby.

The shocking truth is that I haven't picked up a brush in at least a fortnight and I don't seem to mind too much at all! I'm still getting plenty of gaming in but with it being all Necromunda (previously painted), SAGA (Rich's figures), D&D (very few figures) and Warhammer Invasion (no figures) there's been absolutely no need.

Six months ago I wouldn't have settled for that but right now its simply not an issue. Its not like I don't have enough projects knocking about with St Peytersburg and the paint for sale Orcs to name but two but I just can't get the motivation at the mo for anyhting I'm not actually playing!

I am however looking to be playing Distopian Wars in the not too dim and distant future and with my fledgling French fleet now waiting for collection at the local Royal Mail depot.

As previously mentioned the whole Captain Nemo / 20,000 Leagues / Tintin thing plumbs the.....ermm depths? for me that other naval genres just don't and the DW French simply fit that bill.

I reckon they should be a fairly quick project and one that gets the brush-mojo back on track.

I also really like the look of Mantic's upcoming Ver-Myn and a mate of mine does the Outrider thing for them so will be getting some early. I've generously "offered" to lend a brush hoping that I won't have to beg :)
'Til next time!

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  1. Got them in the post Thursday, they're stunning figures. The ones I've been sent are metal prototypes, but the end products will be resin. I am so very tempted to buy an army deal...

    I'll bring 'em along for you to drool over on Tuesday (or Monday if you still want a game then).