Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Odes of Frank "War" Arnus Prt III

Jupiter's balls!

I takes two days for the whole Ludus to travel to some dung-heap town up North, Bradford I think it was called, only to find out that none of our challengers had made it and the event had been postponed.

Something about and outbreak of pox and someone's carts being stolen. Turns out the messenger sent to us had got lost and arrived the day after we left. If I get hold of him then the boys can use him for practice!

Having turned up we at least put on a parade for the plebs and some exhibition stuff. A bit tame but the crowd weren't exactly the cultured type and were getting it all for free. I even got the drivers to don the spare sets of armour and just stride about geeing up the crowd. Worked well enough and got the local magistrate to at least cover the overnight costs.

I also wasn't going to waste all the Dinari invested in the lad's new kit and togs. That blue woad doesn't come cheap but knowing the docks as I do a suitable supply was found at a very competitive price. Almost robbery in fact, hur hur hur...

Seven more gladiators painted adding a further 14 PPs for the month. Vaguely ropey photos bar one which is strange as I took them all at the same time as near to the lounge windows for natural light. Must have been a cloud, will try again at the weekend.

Hopefully the postponement will exorcise the fresh paint daemons!

UPDATE: Much better photos as I actually paid proper attention to light sources etc. Lazyness vs effort!

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