Sunday, 14 April 2013

Purple Haze (POLL)

Hello people, something new and hopefully interesting.

I simply couldn't decide on a scheme for my Forge Fathers, other than a base of purple rather than apparently standard Dwarven Blue, so I've painted up three schemes and am appealing to the blog-o-sphere for some vote power.

Further detailing can always be added but I'd like your help to get the basic scheme set. I was looking to do something a little bit different which was where the purple start point came from, The pink, to me, is overtly chaos dwarf and I could go a bit farther with markings or even rocky horror show. I hadn't seen too many metallic steel schemes about so thought I'd give it a go and the bronze was a last minute entry Skyrim Dwemer inspired.

So, here you go, poll on the right will run for a week. Grateful and keen for your input :)

PS: yes it does look like they're line dancing!


  1. For me it is between the first two. Perhaps the bronze one. Definitely not the pink one.

  2. #1, definitely. The Gold/Purple/White stands out more than the Purple/silver, and I'm pretty meh on the pink.

    Great job on all 3, by the way!

  3. Purple / Gold is probably the strongest contrast. Mixed reaction around the place on the pink but we'll see :)

  4. I like the purple and gold scheme the best, however the white gloves look out of place with it. The white gloves seem to me to work better with the purple and steel. Overall though, the purple and gold.