Monday, 1 April 2013

I'm not a Nerd......

.........i'm a Level 30 Warlord!

So five days off work and as always I've not quite achieved my painting targets. I have been sinking a LOT of time into Skyrim recently, and yes have recently achieved level 30 but this weekend I was fairly restrained and was actually out and about a fair bit....honest :)

Rob's Arbite is all done in a fairly classic Judge Dredd style of black, blue and yellow. Nice solid figure, nice solid paint job. Another clear base, really coming round to these and easy to use after some intial scepticism.

Gabe meanwhile finds himself into New London WAR-SPs colours. Nice figure and gives me a third Gaurd, despite the caster on his right wrist, or fifth Jack for the next time the boys make it onto a pitch. Possibly at the upcoming Mantic Day.


Charlie's Tech-Priest also gets some brush-love. This is the Forge World variant and the extra £3 its an absolute no-brainer against the GW versions. Really enjoyed painting him up though after a lot of debate the cast on base stayed rather than a clear. Didn't want to risk damage whilst cutting him free of it. Maybe another time.
Finally, the Veermyn have been worked through basecoat, detail and a first wash. Going for a pea-dot green camo against touches of bronze and a nice neutral grey for straps and cloth. Just fancied the camo as something different and want to keep that the focus.

Also managed some better photos this time. Still a bit yellow, need to invest in daylight bulbs really. Re-shot a few previous figs to replace as and when. Work and toys tomorrow...... ah well, 6 PPs to start the month and another 20 well on the way. Not so bad :)

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