Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My name is.....

.....and I AM a Wargamer :)

I had, as I occasionally do, pre meditated this post and it was going to be about how I don't feel like I'm a valid wargamer, as a continuation of my previous meanderings as to what constitutes a wargame.

I've been meaning to do a stock take but I'm 99% sure I no longer own an "Army" above 10mm. Very few 28mm figures, if any, on a non round base, definitely no movement trays or anything to actually rank upon them. I seem to a writer of rosters rather than list. I digress as hopefully I've made, part of, my point.

Despite my previous rambling a this was beginning to bother me and I was beginning to look to Salute for salvation ........BUT then Super Tom returned to the club last night and brought his ACE with him :)

A full 6x4 of his own scenery full of fully painted, multi-plated 24 man regiments of blue and grey.......with FLAGS!!

He even brought his own set of homebrew rules with him that along with Shaun we gave a flex. We got most of a game in rolling dice, discussing mechanics, brewing teas and working through possible tweaks as we went.

It was like old, old days and incredibly enjoyable it was to. An itch well scratched and no detriment or slight felt to any other set of rules or little men that I currently take pleasure from :p

The major reason for rocking up at Salute is to bump into old hobby mates and pick up some inspiration. Just managed a head start on both.

Well pleased :)

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