Friday, 12 April 2013

Plotting a Course II

Delayed from last week we got back to Dark Heresy last night. Mr C sorted us out with another e-update and the promise that plot holes had been filled:

Previously on Dark Heresy….
After making their way through the blockade of ships the acolytes land in Acreage. The acolytes start investigating and are pointed to an attack location next to the wall. On their way there they bump into a small group of enemy soldiers entering the city. After fighting them off, the acolytes find the scene of the attack with the blood trail leading into the city.
After tracking the trail into the warehouse district the acolytes, further investigation provides the lead of two corpse farmers Smeed and Smoot who might know something more. After finding and interrogating Smeed and Smoot, they admit to selling the bodies to three xenos who are hiding in a Skymill.
The acolytes stakeout the skymill and spot one of the xenos with his pets leaving. They follow him and watch him kill two locals and carry the bodies off. The acolytes attack and quickly kill off the pets but struggle to hurt the xenos. After finally killing the xenos and patching themselves up the acolytes decide how to kill the remaining two.
As previously mentioned we ambushed Bad-Dude and basically got our arses handed back to us, heavily spanked, not in a good way!
Dusting ourselves off we retreated to our stake-out house, healed up and planed our next move. Having chatted by e-mail we'd decided on going for the simple annihilation route and basically burning down the Skymill ASAP. We did drag back Bad-Dude and run a basic autopsy. Not human at any point, xenos worm-like biped.

It wasn't until we started looking at his robes that MrC got sketchy on detail again which piqued our interest. "It's obviously xenos"we were told, the clear implication being to leave it alone. "How" we asked deciding we'd found something useful that we weren't supposed to have. Eventually the Voice of God gave way to us spotting the bio-ware circuitry inside the lining. Imagine our delight when we found the alien pistol, especially once Charlie's Tech-Priest worked out the trigger! A quick test firing into Bad-Dude soon had it named Noisy Cricket and we had a reasonable plan.
Sourcing a four wheel cart loaded with wood, oil and a barrel of gunpowder from the docks we were ready to perform a medieval cart ram-raid. Robed and Cricketed Ryan crept up to the Skymill's loading dock and by luck the door was open and the beasties asleep. Setting the fuse we sat back and watched the barbie do our work for us. Bad-Dude's mates appeared about 50m up out of a window slithering their way down the mill. A couple of Spasms and some gunfire loosened their grip and the falling rules did the rest of the job for us........SPLAT!!
Heading back to the ship there were lots of pointed questions  from God about what we were doing with the robes and the now 3 pistols, having dug another 2 out of the mill ash, so we hid them and lied.......which was when we were gleefully awarded Corruption Points for playing with Xenos toys and checked to see if we mutated!
Rob's Arbite picked up super-dandruff, Charlie grew an extra toe (despite his refusal to have much to do with the whole issue in the first place), Ryan passed his Willpower check and I, the slightly unhinged paranoid psyker picked up..........Black Hearted :)
It would seem that we're turning Radical...... all of us!

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