Sunday, 7 April 2013

Crawling the Walls


Finished up the Warp-Rift Wall-Crawlers. The pea-dot camo didn't come out quite as strong as I might have liked but it's there and it's enough. There was some worry that they were too dark but their ginger fairness has balanced them out. Pleased with the numbering.

Far better photos as well. Finally picked up those daylight bulbs I'd been threatening and took the advice I'd googled up. So lightbox, tripod, 2x daylight bulbed lamp, taken at night with no other lights on (light pollution) gets a far better result. I've updated the Arbite and Tech-Priest (I'm not a Nerd) photos too and left the old ones in as a comparison, BIG difference!

So another 20 PPs and the Forge Fathers to follow should see a bumper month with the brush. Still haven't settled the scheme for the stunties. Got two main schemes in mind so will paint up one of each and set up my very first poll, hopefully by the end of the week.
Something a bit different all round then :)

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