Thursday, 18 April 2013

A Crowd of Funders

It still seems amazing how the Kickstarter craze seems to have gained such epic proportions within our niche hobby in such a short space of time. Dreadball Season 1 seemed to crash into my consciousness but then I might have spent the back end of last year under something of a hobby rock.
 It seems to find a couple of tempting projects hawked my way each week with the lure of bonus stretch goals apparently equally loads of free stuff. My recent experience with Zombicide II taught me a lot about temptation that I already knew in different ways but I'm not looking to revisit or rehash today :)

Simply put a couple of us at the club have been keeping track of Heroes of Normandie and even had a run out of the precursor game, Frontiers.

Right now the £90 deal gets you a feck load of stuff including Cthulu Nazi Zombies.......mmmmm. The point is that there's enough stuff to play several games simultaneously, especially investing an extra £8 in an extra set of basic tiles. Enough for a campaign, a campaign with multiple players, like you might find at a wargames club.....
So...a bit of a chat and a forum post later we've now got four of us signed up at an individual cost of £25 i.e. not a lot of wonga for a club campaign.

Hardly a new idea, our guys did the same for DB1 but as KS seems to be kicking out a lot of board and skirmish games this seems like an awful lot of common in the face of the individual impulse weakness that has spawned so many virtual column inches about the dark side of Geek KS.

If we get enough sign ups we may go for a double set or some of the add ins. "United we Stand, Divided we Fall" as sang Freddie.

We shall see :)

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