Thursday, 25 April 2013

Confessions of a Dreadball Coach IV

With a smattering of Season 2 goodies in sticky mitts a few of us got our proxy on to give the new teams a run out and hone so moves for the upcoming Mantic day.

Personally I'd plumped for the Robots and Z'Zors, based solely on looks as is often my case, which haven't quite turned up yet so first game was proxy-mungus.
Apologies for the poor disco lighting :)

First up I lined up against Rich's Gungan-Judwan borrowing his Dalek-Robots. Spending our tourney 30MC bonus we both took a card and four skills from the Season 2 table to try them out. Can't remember what I got but Rich picked up several Skill increases. So my first game with the Bots and Rich with his upgraded Jud that he helped playtest = five rush landslide not helped but some awful dice on my part. Even Rich was slightly embarrassed and we agreed though this may have been a bit of a freak it may end up as a tactic in tourneys.

Moving on I tried again with my Orx putting all four skills on Jacks looking for Slide. Got two one of which was a "you choose" where I ignored the Skill increase.
Shall we dance?
Bit more of a game and slide definitely helped our the little lads with Speed 3+ giving a good likelihood of a couple of dashes before doing something. Definitely a go to skill for the greenskins. We almost pushed the rush marker into double figures before the landslide. Thinking that a skills / dice combo 30MC might be the way forward.
Judwan Lock-Out.
I have to admit that with both games I was concentrating on what I was doing rather than disrupting the Jud game. With only 6 players think it might be valid to lay an early beat down to get a couple off the pitch. Another day for that one. Will have to have a think about how to minimise the power of Feint.
Can't beat em, join em. Punch a bug day!
Finishing off the night the Tohn-Ghaa Titans moved onto Chris' proxied Z'Zor who I was keen to see in action. Taking basic teams it turned into a fistfight as we targeted each others Jacks. A rush of exploding Slam dice saw me get the upper hand despite Cant Feel A Thing being well felt (sorry!). Supporting threat hexes are necessary to create the required Slam differential. Despite giving his Guard a good going over I couldn't scratch the thing and eventually left it alone. Chris suffered from dice and first time out of the hive for me to score an opportunistic but convincing 5 point win.

Elsewhere Shado ran Sirens with an extra Guard as "Corp with Run Interference" to school the Z'Zor again.

Seems I've gone for the more eclectic combined arms teams of Season 2 but not a problem there, just need to play a few more games to work them out.

Sort of seeing Z'Zor as Orx with Strikers but will have to see how that one goes.

Best play a few more games then :)

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