Monday, 1 April 2013

Kicking it up a notch

Last couple of hours of the Zombicide Season II KickStarter and time to put my money where my mouth is. Not only my moola as Mr C (housemate / landlord / fellow nerd) has gone in halves. We've upgraded to Fugitive for a full copy of both Prison Outbreak and Toxic City Mall along with a set of Season 1 tiles and most of the optional survivors.

Finishing up at $285 (£190) we get the following list of swag;
- 138 zombies
- 20 zombie dogs
- 30 survivors
- 6 doggie companions
That's a feck load of painting come September!

Playing with some stats the KS, at time of typing, took $2.2M with 8800 backers. That's a rough average of $250 per backer. With most backers, 5800, also going for Fugitive that's $100 of extras, inc P+P.
No real comment on the KickStarter business model just some observations :)

Tracking a couple of Season 1 extras on E-Bay, Dave the Geek is on £40 and El Cholo on £50 with six days still to go. That's something of a secondary market which may not be so strong this time round but who knows. We were tempted to go complete set and sell a few but that's just a bit wrong. We're just geeks at the end of the day.

£95 each feels like a lot to throw at a board-game but we can get lots of cross-over use for roleplay any urban gaming of a slightly bloody nature etc etc. Mr C made a very good point that it's a fraction of the price of a 40K or Fantasy army, probably the same for PP, and that's an army not the whole package!

Anyway, between Dreadball and Zombicide I'm likely done for the year.......dependant on SALUTE :)


  1. I went in for a serious amount of money as well. It's bloody addictive watching the counter tick towards the next freebie. :(


  2. Exactly, sort of half my point really...