Thursday, 28 March 2013

Confessions of a Dreadball Coach II

Otherwise known as a night of Grab and Smash last night was Round 2 of the new Enfield Gamers Dreadball league. Somehow I've become league commissioner which is fine by me, I'm very corruptable :)

Two more games for the Tohn-Ghaa Titans, both at home, against Rich's Veermyn and then Charlie's Forge Fathers. Discussion was that Home advantage is a big thing for Orx and the Fathers as neither excel at chasing the game should they slip behind.

A couple of weeks ago myself and Chris had "forgotten" that Jacks can only move one square before Slamming, Stealing, Throwing or Striking so I had a bit more learning to do :) Trying to remember my previous games against Veermyn I started boldy with a 3 point strike on my first rush which just missed, immediately regretting not throwing in my one coaching dice.
Initial set-up. Can you spot the error?
I also tried to make sure that any Slam was supported by a friendly threat hex, as such. Along with buying a card and saving actions to move the ball this generally meant one per rush. As Rich kept his Gaurds back I went after any Strikers in my half. Despite inflicting casualties there were always more about. Going ahead Rich locked down the 3/4 point zone. Chasing the game I had to for either multiple 2 pointers or bust through. Going for the later I didn't quite pull it off for a final score of 3-0.

Several times I found myself with the ball but unable to move it for a strike at which point I wasn't able to defend the steal even when bunching up. Big learning point was how badly I needed to pick up a bonus action when picking up the ball. Combining with cards this makes all the difference. Two  gobbos with skill 3+ helps but isn't as good as four dice!

Trying to defend the steal.....unsuccessfully!
Mauling for the steal
Play opens up

Shutting up shop. An emerging tactic at tourneys.
After investing in a couple more coach dice Charlie and his Fathers gave me a good lesson in the Slam game. Not played against the stunties much but soon realised to target that one Slam a turn against his Strikers.Putting them off the pitch definitely hurt him and significantly reduced his Strike count though his Slams were quickly racking up.

Picking up an early 2 pointer forced Charlie to chase as and when he could and I kept up the disruption. My casualty box saw a fairly constant throughput with only several exploding dodge rolls limiting the damage though one Goblin met a fatally sticky end. Weathering the beating I managed a further 3 pointer late on to seal the game 5-0 whilst Charlie continued to lay a concerted beat-down.
Dance Gobbo, Dance!!
Poor dice early doors saw several missed strikes but at least I was getting into position to make them. I still instinctively resist using up my coaching dice too quickly but also that it's easier to defend a lead than chase one.

So, learning points;
1. Pick your slams. I've yet to see Slams alone win a game.
2. Bonus actions are the name of the game. Picking up the ball is where a rush starts and is criticial to where it ends especially for Jacks.
3. Use your coaching dice to get ahead, preferably when you can generate fan checks to generate some more.

Rich has also suggested to me that Gobbos need to make short passes as another way to generate bonus actions. Not tried that one so much or the more limited 2 pointer game. Something for next time!

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