Friday, 15 March 2013

Confessions of a Dreadball Coach I

Tuesday night saw the revamped Dreadball league kick off applying the Season Two league rules, which to my current knowledge involves a 6MC appearance fee and a reanimation with risks method for those indispensable star players.

Having had some reasonable success with my Human Corp team I'm determined to run, and hopefully work out, my Orx the Tohn-Ghaa Titans. First team off of the painting station they appeared a few months ago at The Copperbowl tourney at Tabletop Nation. Winning one game from four wasn't great but two of losses were close with just the one landslide.

Deep defence meant I struggled to reply
Having now played enough to claim a decent grasp of the game I've been mulling over the best tactics to employ. There's been some virtual chatter that Orx have it hard without strikers and I certainly found it a lot easier with Corp.

At The Copperbowl all my losses were against Veermyn and it was commented at the time that it wasn't the greatest surprise. Post event chatter suggested that if I'd concentrated on slamming his Gaurds off the pitch life would have been easier. Maybe, lets find out!
Heavy line-up
Aggressive attack

Doing a bit of pre-analysis I have Orx Gaurds and Goblin Jacks.

Orx main strength is slamming. Slamming is an opposed roll with the differential following through to the Armour. Maximising the differential is the name of the game being most challenging in the case of Veermyn Strikers along with Orx and Forge Father Gaurds. Getting some threat hexes on is the obvious way to go, hunting in pairs maybe.

Targeting the right opposition players is crucial and with a speed of 4+ the odd Dash or Evade to get there is a viable option that I hadn't initially considered. For some reason I'd convinced myself it was 5 and no-one told me otherwise until this week.

3 point strike!
Red Goblin Down!

Goblins main strength, or at least best stat, is their speed (3+) so therefore their ability to Dash, Evade and Steal, as well as getting up off the floor. So basically they're fairly quick and nimble on their feet and generally need to be. Unfortunately as a Jack they can only move one square before performing a Slam, Steal, Strike or Throw.

As such bonus actions from doubling, especially when picking up the ball, or cards are crucial. Non-Striker status means that 2 and 4 point strikes are only possible as stationary. I've tried chasing a game with 1 pointers, and that doesn't wash, so 3 pointers have got to be the priority! Starting with 1 card and coaching dice means by as many of the former as possible and using the later to generate fan checks whenever possible.

Anyway enough thinking, I learn much better by doing, or do-notting (Yoda word). First round of the league and I'm drawn against Chris and his Orx The Incredible Bulk. No bad thing, always had an excellent game of whatever we've been playing and more chance to see what the greenskins can and can't to do.

Not going to go rush by rush but across two games we managed to learn a few things;
The game winner!!

1. Pick your slams and support whenever you can. In our case it was far more effective to take out each others Goblins and limit each others ability to move the ball around. Taking a player out for 3 turns is almost half the game.
2. Keep a couple of Orx in your own half to defend with and a Goblin near your own strike zones to block the easy shot and return missed strikes.
3. A Goblin and an Orx just past the centre line for pick ups and clearing out with your last Goblin goal hanging for 3 pointers.
4. Picking up the ball on a double is HUGE! A lot of this will be luck.
5. But a cars EVERY turn, you WILL need it
6. It is possible to make a strike every turn, dashing will get you into position to do so.
7. All the basics still apply, think about your sequencing. Slam first, Strike second.

Across both games, the second being a friendly, I won by 1 in the final rush and then by a landslide, which was more down to Chris' poor strike dice, so they are possible.

Luckily I picked up +1 skill for two of my Jacks which will make those pick up doubles much easier. Cash probably needs to go into Coaching Dice to help out with striking.

We shall see :)

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