Monday, 11 March 2013

Shedding Light

Been a little while but some painted figures for you all. Working on a better photographic setup. Picked up another angle poise at Tesco this evening along with the weekly shop so that's two next to the lamp stand. Still not 100%, think I need to get more stability for the camera but thing I've lost the little tripod I had. Arm of the sofa probably isn't best either!
First up is Slippery Joe in Tohn-Ghaa colours. Not so many Dag kill markings as he is only a goblin, even with a 'tasche. Well needed as a Striker in an Orx team.
Running in next is Wild-Card aka Foxy Cleopatra. Just fancied going for something a little different and possibly a touch of affirmative action with the Dreadball Galactic League.  

Bringing up the rear is Jynx my Dark Heresy dude. Brash confident chap about the Black Ships above, super freaky paranoid chap below! Neither incarnation seems to get on with the 41st Millennium particularly well.......or the GM ;p

Clear bases from Fenris Games. Like them, plan to use them for all the Dark Heresy figures. Next up is Rob's Arbite and a set of Dark Vengeance cultists. Elsewhere the Forge Fathers are built but I can't decide on a scheme. The Veermyn remain in bits but I know where I'm going with the brush!

So, 8 Painting Points in the bag and some progress on photos, need to sort out a light box and a tripod. Interesting how Jynx's shots have a more yellow wash to them which I put down to the sodium bulb on the new angle poise.

Illuminating :)

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