Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mice and Men

Who's a pretty boy?
Been busy in the real world so no brush-time, or games actually, so far this week, hopefully tomorrow.

Now that I've re-established myself somewhat, hobby-wise, I've been looking at what I want to be doing for the next little while, I was going to use the phrase "set my goals" but this is toys after all :)

Prior to the break SAGA and Muskets & Tomahawks were the priority. Not so much scope for that at the mo but still something I'd like to get to sometime this year.

Dreadball has got my hobby mojo going again. The league / tourney days have been good fun and given me deadlines to paint to which is always helpful. Going to take my Orx in a new club league with the objective of learning how to play with them better.

I still have the Forge Fathers Veermyn and a couple of MVPs to get painted up, which WILL happen, just need to sort out schemes plus I have the Dark Heresy roleplay figures for some variety.

Finally joining the revolution I've actually fronted up some Kickstarter money. This is for Dreadball Season II, tagging onto the club's previous pledging, and so going for something proven that I'm already involved with, made a commitment to and getting a return from, rather than going out on a limb, which is still how I see it but that's just me.

Being relatively restrained I've gone for the Robot and Z'zor teams, as something properly different along with some MVPs to boost them, plus Buzzcut for my Orx, the Cheerleaders and the Season II rulebook. At just under £60 I'm more than happy with what I'll be getting.

REALLY keen on The Nameless but I'll chuck some money at them when the obligatory Season III drive kicks in :) Not like I don't have enough to keep me busy until then.

Just this evening I've clocked onto the Zombiecide Season II Kickstarter as well. As I've previously bleated I missed out on the original much to my chagrin. I could go super full-bore and pick up EVERYTHING but as you may have noticed that's not my preference.

Will leave the original as WE already have Shaun's copy available. Will be going in with Prison Outbreak as it's a standalone. Will definitely be adding on the Zombie Dogz but not sure about tagging on Toxic City Mall.

This, at £66.50 or.....
.....a bit more for £100
Still being a bit cautious about these thing Inmate seems like plenty, especially with the stretch goals already hit and those likely to fall in the future. But that's thinking about it like a monthly purchase, stick on the never never and I can spread everything out. Interestingly between Dreadball and Zombiecide that's a minimum of three / four month's spending and upto twice that in available hobby time accounted for. I was thinking about an Antares rulebook and a full set of Hasslefree's White Ops......but they won't be happening for a while...for various reasons :)  I can see the point's that some smaller figure producers have been making. Furhtermore it's notable that I'm investing in Boardgames rather than Wargames, though the zombies and survivors feed into St Peytersburg 1990........eventually!!

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