Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Hello again people. Shorter post today and something of a tangent but stay with me :)

A couple of Sundays back I ran my first half marathon, Milton Keynes in the freezing cold. As I result I retired my current running shoes and replaced with this particularly virulent paper. Stay on target, .....almost there!
The box they came in I've turned into a Blue Peter light box, cutting out a section of the front and spraying the insides white. I also picked up a mini tripod for my camera and transferred my "shoot" to the dining table.

So here's John Doe finished up. I went for a German Uniform drab grey-green to contrast his skin-tone with orange and white accents. Rather pleased and think I've settled on the scheme for my Nameless team once I invest in them.

Photos are still a bit yellow. I did pick up a replacement bulb for my secondary lamp but dropped it on the kitchen floor. Tomorrow ill pick up a new one and update.

As an aside I had to drop into my local GW to pick up the white spray and had a quick paint restock while I was at it. Ended up having a browse through the new range and was impressed with some of the new shades so picked up a couple. As something that passed me by during my hobby hiatus I really should take a closer look.

That'll be the nerd in me rising to the surface, just as well its club night :)

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