Wednesday, 20 March 2013

You Rebel Scum!!

In late change to the advertised programming a few noob games of X-Wing got played at the club last night.

For those of you that have played Wings of War it has unsurprisingly similar mechanics, hidden manoeuvre declaration etc, with some different bells and whistles to broaden the tactical options.

Said bells and whistles are suitably sci-fi, or even force-esque, with the ability to perform a number of additional actions just as long as you haven't just pulled a high stress manoeuvre. Different ships have different options as well as stats and produce a nice differential.

We had five of us playing, three Imperials with a pair of faster, nimbler but lighter TIEs versus two Rebels sharing a pair of X-Wings and the Falcon. Named characters, along worth variant pilots, are a nice edition with Darth leading some raw Imps against Han, Luke and Biggs.

We played through two scenarios, the escort of a Republic consular shuttle and a raid on a Rebel satellite chain.

Both games flowed well with co-ordinated flight plans and proper dogfighting skills a necessity. Combat is an opposed roll which hands heroes and advantage whilst still leaving them susceptible to Lady Luck. Biggs had a very poor evening in what proved to be an X-Wing overly keen to come apart at the seems.

In the end it was two Imperial victories though the second was by the skin with just one rookie left and Darth going for an in scheduled space walk.

Good fun and plenty of obvious quotes and app sound effects. I was glad to have played, its a good solid game with very nice figures, but it didn't leave me begging for more or desperate to flash cash.

Board Game syndrome, as in just another? Probably doing it a disservice, I'd definitely give it another go.

Not sure just how strong the force is with this one is just yet.

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