Wednesday, 13 March 2013

An Inquisitor's Staff has a Knob on the end........

.....a knob of the end, a knob on the end!!

Last Thursday night was Dark Heresy night and featured our latest member, Ryan, who fitted in pretty much instantly, the HAL 9000 T-Shirt was a good start. Ryan has joined us with a Hive-born Assassin, which nicely bolsters our combat potential.

Ryan has the pleasure of having the same employer as our GM, Mr Christian, so took particular pleasure when we managed, indirectly (honest), to give him quite a hard working evening ;)

Poor, poor lad....

Called to our next briefing we first stopped in at a local arms dealer trading in our stash of nearly new Arbite carbines to upgrade Rob's shotgun. My coin flip came up not paranoid, so a bit bolshy and with Ryan's assistance harangued Mr C into a better deal than the one he didn't want to give in the first place.

Eventually turning up, a little late, I showed my distaste for my new employment by going for a bit of "la la la not listening" followed by a round of "An Inquisitor's Staff has a Knob on the End" much to the amusement of all but one.

Finding out that we were heading to sort out a Feudal world civil war myself and Ryan tried setting up a gun running deal with another local armourer. We were indulged briefly then not so much.

The voyage was uneventful with but a few negative comments towards my character until planet-fall was achieved.

Coin flip turned to paranoia and a Dex check face plant granted howls from the local deck crew. I went for a spiteful revenge Spasm.

"They pass their willpower check". No dice roll. I repeat to the same result. I keep going until I get a Perils of the Warp check briefly disappearing into said alternate reality. My paranoia kicks off big time and I hug a passing leg until dragged from the pad.

Detouring to a local hole in the wall we attempt to rig a boxing match via Spasm betting most of our wedge much to Mr C's chagrin who is already bemoaning our lack of plot progress it were having fun ;p

Gaining a vantage point on a gantry I'm set upon by four Jock types and a brawl ensues. Ryan steps in whilst our comrades prefer to watch. Hard pressed, punched to the head, I go all paranoid flagellant on Jock 1 and succeed in taking off his head, rather literally, just as a dozen plod roll in and all make a bee line.

Having kicked off I apparently have no choice but too charge, so do whilst waving around Jock 1's head. Ryan melts back into the crowd which is fair enough. I wake up in a holding cell with a load a load more bruises.

Charlie's Tech Priest goes down the negotiation route to secure my release but runs into red tape and a hefty fine he can't afford to pay. He goes official demanding my release as a member of the Inquisition. No dice .....literally.

He threatens to inform the governor and then attempts to do so but can't get past his aide who he threatens with with Ex-Communicatus and other unpleasantness.

No dice, no dice, no dice.

Apparently our Inquisitor and the Governor used to play golf together! He does manage to transfer the funds though as Charlie wasn't in on the bet or the winnings.

Grainy CCTV....not a poor IPhone photo

Meanwhile I've come round, I seem to do this a lot, and continue to be a paranoid skitso with a persecution complex which doesn't seem entirely unfair and seems to be catching amongst the group. After numerous threats from multiple parties we head for the local transport . The spaceport is a huge rig in the sea and we're quickly gouged a huge fee to get to dry land or at least it seems so. We're going to have deep into our winnings as otherwise we don't have the wedge.

Tempers amongst the group fray with the feeling that the price wouldn't be so high but for our ill gotten gains. Several of us feel that we could just leave this planet to its fate at this rate. All it needs is one paranoid malcontent to set it all off...........

At this point Mr C looses his rag a bit too and things get a bit heated. Not happened before but were mates so all sorted our quick enough.

Interesting point that as well as learning a new game system and the dynamics of its setting the dynamic between players and GM needs to learnt as well. Much will be dependant on experience levels, real life that is.

What is the groups motivation to play but what also is the GMs motivation to provide that? As players with plenty of campaigns on the clock we look for tangents and quite enjoy a bit of anti-hero now and then. As a fairly new GM Mr C enjoys the control of running through the scenario and "ticking the boxes".

Everyone has bad days and in honesty we all got a bit heavy handed. We also have a group joke of "all against Mr C" that has stood for many a year in the best possible way. The learning process is more than just the rules :)

As Mr C is firstly my mate as well as landlord, house-mate and GM we have a bit of a chat about how we each see my character's characteristics and how they can be played. We admit that we both find my (character) issues frustrating so a little modification has been agreed upon. Flagellant goes and the character points re-spent, I'll just have to spend some time actually reading the rulebook, never my strongest suit.

The sacrifices one makes for ones gaming group :)

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