Saturday, 23 March 2013

Course Plotted

Thursday night was the latest instalment of Dark Heresy and we all managed to play nicely this time, well.....mostly though it wasn't me this time......not just me...........well, I didn't start it :)

Jynx suitably re-adjusted we actually got on with the adventure asking questions, lots of questions. Who else was on the boat into the besieged city with us? How was the war going, the siege itself? Once we got to the city we started questioning everything as along with everyone. Problem was there weren't a lot of answers.

It wasn't the Mr C wouldn't give us the answers, apparently they just weren't there to be had. "It was a free adventure the came with the GM's guide"

Pushing on we found out where the most recent disappearances had taken place. So unlikely in a city under siege but there you go...... Moving around the walls to reach the crime scene we stumbled upon a five man sally into the city, during daylight, right under a guard tower......apparently.

Anyway, other than the Arbite giving the guard a shout we decided it wasn't our fight. The suicide squad decided otherwise but we kept it non-lethal. Charlie missed the session but his Tech-Priest still out two of them on the floor. At that point they saw sense and left the city.

Reaching the crime scene by a more circuitous route we then started working out what had gone on. In short something with a human sized footprint, with a dozen extra toes, and a couple of pets had dragged a couple of bodies into the city. Tracking the trail into the warehouse district we established that some three shady cloaked types had been buying up the dead, acquiring a few of their own dependant on supply, having them delivered to an abandoned windmill which they shared with a dozen pets.
Staking the place out we trailed one of their number out on a midnight hunting trip with his share of the pets. Ambushing him on the way back he pets went down easy followed by our man showing off his plethora of tentacles and proceeding to kick our arses!

As the strength of our adversary became apparent more questions got ask, such a WTF?, but once again not too many answers. That free adventure again you understand. We all played nicely you understand. It was touch and go but we finally took him down with one of us conscious. Two weeks time we might just get some answers..........might :)

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