Monday, 25 March 2013

Grinding it Out

As far as Painting Points go it most definitely wasn't the most prolific weekend but that's not to say I didn't achieve at least something........mainly on Skyrim.

With the snowy weather gifting me even more free time than I already had I realised that I didn't have a single current project figure prepped to go under the brush. As such I spent a fair bit of time tool in hand getting my Forge Father and Veermyn teams plus Gabe built and cleaned up along with Rob's Arbite and Charlie's Tech-Priest for Dark Heresy. 
Spraying everyone up, between the flakes, I tore myself away from the X-Box Saturday and Sunday evenings, Mr C was home so I was being polite :), to get brush back in hand. Fancying a few more single figures this is where I got to. Left to right, Tech-Priest semi basecoated, Gabe with his washes drying and Arbite West awaiting highlight. I did complete my Dreadball balls but I'm not going to stoop that low for a Painting Point.

Otherwise Friday night and most of Sunday was spent on the 'Rim turning oh so slightly evil whilst also engaging in a fair bit of mining, smelting, smithing and enchanting all to the point of turning myself a touch more big bad. Did go out and hit stuff too........and then bought a house, decorated it and stacked away my recent load of Dragon bone and scale.

They keep on finding me now, and generally just getting in the way. Shame I hadn't caught on to buying my own place earlier as I'd sold my previous load of bone and scales off. Oh well........only a game :)

Got five days off over the Easter weekend and, as well as actually leaving the house on occasion, have set myself the target of finishing at LEAST the Veermyn. Would like to get the Fathers done as well but still struggling for a scheme. I've done Black / Gold for Corp, Red / White for the Orx and will be going Camo Greens for the ginger Veermyn. When they arrive the Robots will be washed Metallics and the Z'Zor a bright Green / Yellow insectoid.

Blue seems the obvious choice, and seems to be the default scheme Dwarves of all ilks, but feels far to expected. The figures seem strangely under-armoured and I'll be painting an undersuit rather than skin. I don't normally do test figures might have to.

I'll let you know, otherwise suggestions on a comment would be very welcome!

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