Friday, 8 March 2013

Dreaded D

Last Tuesday at Enfield Gamers Rich ran myself Charlie an Mr Christian through a game of Skirmish Sangin. Each of us ran a pair of Delta operators looking to snatch one of Bin Laden's lieutenants as he left the local Al Jezeera office. Rich ran the Taliban with great gusto

A quiet street in downtown Durka-Durka-Stan
 Allowed to deploy as we wished, other than the Al Jazeera compound (bottom left) we, eventually, settled on the two main buildings and the corner of the street on the far left feeling the need to cover the options if our man didn't take the obvious route to the car park (top right)

The game had been billed as roleplay-esque and it proved to be so. Nice simple percentile based with plenty of sensible modifiers giving plenty of scope of action. The need to spot targets and not assume line of sight adds to the roleplay element.
Dreaded apparently!!
Being Dreaded D we had elite stat lines but still needed a good slice of luck. Charlie's boys almost got spotted early doors as one the Tallys wandered in to his building. Thankfully he managed to drop him silently and Tango 1 though slightly spooked continued on his way.

Our luck continued as the GO order was given. Myself and Mr C capped the escort while Charlie jumped, literally, on Tango 1. Our silenced weapons and clean kills meant minimum noise or fuss. Even Rich giving himself the chance of accidental fire couldn't produce the gunfire that might bring his reinforcements running.
Insurgent goats??
Taliban reinforcements advance up Ram-a-Dang-a -Ding-Dong Street
 Eventually a local on a trail bike got suspicious and rang the local Tally hotline. We completely failed to spot him and Rich's dice managed to convince the Warlord picking up the call that it was almost a second invasion force.

By this time we'd bundled up Tango 1 and fallen back to the car park to await pick up.....
Only to get shot....

A couple of waves of Taliban came on from random entry points and a proper firefight ensued. Locals and goats legged it as Al Jazeera waved a couple of cameras out of the office window and started to broadcast live to the nation. Not quite the real time info we were looking for!

As such target identification and acquisition became crucial. As a Black Op we had no rules of engagement, or support assets, but it didn't take too much brainpower (even for Yanks) that civvy casualties live at 5 weren't the best idea. 
Fall back to car park for pick up by SUV
A 40mm parting gift via UGL delivery!
Taking fire, but thankfully no hits the SUV Cav turned up just as the Tally boys made a concerted effort to rescue Tango1. Bundling in to the vehicles as they stormed the car park we made our exit covered by an exploratory UGL round. Thankfully it found it's mark rather than overshooting into the Al Jazeera offices.

We screeched away to a text-book success, other than the local press coverage. Hacking T1's phone we now have a location for the main man himself!

A good fun game, we'll definitely be playing through the follow up mission. Skirmish Sanguin played well giving us a good feeling of free action. Luck was definitely on our side and it will be interesting to see how both we and the game copes with more figures on the table.

Stay tuned..........

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