Monday, 25 February 2013

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High Tech
Second session of Dark Heresy on Thursday night;

Mr C, our GM had been good enough to ping us all a quick re-cap e-mail:

Previously on Dark Heresy….
The acolytes are transported to planet Scintella the capital world of Calixis sector. Scintella is a Hive world, where the surface is polluted and toxic and the vast populations live in massive hive like structures.

They were provided cover ID’s and provided accommodation at Hive Sibellus until they were needed.
After receiving a message they acolytes made their way to the meeting place. Medicae-Interrogator Sand provided them cover ID’s as Coblast Assay employees and an overview of the mission which is to find who operated with Heresy technology on Saul Arbest a hive worker which lead to his death.

The acolytes were provided his address in Corcarla Division and made their way to in the hive.
After finding his sister Lili Arbest and questioning her, the acolytes find out the last time she saw him he was drinking Evard Zed with at a local watering hole called The Workers Union. She also reported him missing to Warden Locan.

The acolytes then questioned Warden Locan who agreed to meet them after his shift finished, however he took the opportunity to ambush them with 3 other men. After fighting off the ambush and killing Warden Locan, the acolytes discover drugs for personal use and a keycard on his person.
After retreating back to the habroom used by Saul and his sister Lili they find a mysterious stranger waiting for them…
Low Tech
No mysterious stranger but after regrouping and working out exactly how serious our, mainly my, wounds were we finally took the previous plot hints. 

Standing out like sore thumbs at the Workers Union and picking up a lead to catch up with Evard Zed we established that Mr Arbest had taken a knife wound and headed to the local ALMS HOUSE for MEDICAL TREATMENT. Strangely enough we headed along and talked our way in on the basis of my very convincing recent gunshot wounds. Taken to an examination room it wasn't too long until we were rudely interrupted and a grand old finale fire-fight broke out with the Doc unleashing a couple of experimental mutants on us.

Dispatched after a bit of a back and forth we conducted a standard floor by floor search picking up evidence and data as we went. In the top floor lab we came across the surgeon responsible for all the mutants, plus of few more "creations", a Tech-Priest of the Logican order. She was more machine than flesh and as such took a good hard pounding before finally going down (ooh err missus!).

A bit more evidence gathering and then some fire-starting from the paranoid Psyker and the newly paranoid paranoid Tech-Priest "nothing to see here.......honest!". After that it was home for tea, medals and experience points. I quickly invested in the Healer ability! :)
No Tech
So, an update e-mail, adventure run from an I-Pad, neatly pre-drawn out map and hastily sketched combat map on a piece of A4 with Dreadball figure the weak link!
To be fair an OOP GW Arbite with shotgun has since been E-Bay'd along with as set of 20 Dark Vengeance cultists. Quite looking forward to painting these up as hopefully it'll satisfy that particular itch. I've got plenty of AT-43 and Space Crusade floorplans in storage plus a full set of Space Hulk in the house so hopefully we can make a bit of progress there.

Not that there's anything wrong with the most powerful graphics engine known to man, as defined by Dr Sheldon Cooper...............IMAGINATION!  

On that note we finished off discussing how to sell various ill gotten gains on the black market and sourcing our Arbite an upgrade from his sawn-off shotgun to a combat variant. You could almost hear the GM's imagination sigh :)

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