Sunday, 24 February 2013

Braaiinnnsssss II

Tuesday night down at the Enfield Gamer seven of us congregated around missions 2 and 3 of  Zombiecide! Seven of us because Charlie particularly enjoys playing as our resident Zombie-Master.

With several of us having spent some time reading through the rules Charlie's experience was massively enhanced as many more of his charges took to the board.

Mission 2 is simply to get one survivor to escape. Early doors we "activated" the top third of the board to bring out plenty of Zeds including an Abomination.............. ARSE!

This was quickly compounded by one of our number, who was rather well equipped  "biting the big one" whilst half of our number were running around with frying pans!

Feeling under pressure I decided to try something of a suicide run. My chaps "Slippery" ability allows him to step away from Zed populated tile particularly easily so I gave it a go. I needed no runner Zeds or any other random events to turn up and thankfully this was the turn of events.

Exit effected whilst the other guys holed up......a technical victory!

Mission 3 was "simply" to get one of the survivors to RED threat level for a full turn, that's 47 points of kills and 5 point objectives. I had the roller-girl so that was the co-op plan, I run round and pick up everything.

We also had CARS, two cop and a pimp-mobile. We did wonder about driving them round Ben-Hur style but got mobbed the moment we went near one so gave that up pretty quick. We also found ourselves an Abomination almost as quickly. Thankfully we also sorted out a couple of Molotovs on the run and got the Zeds to bunch up nicely a couple of times.

The rest of the boys cut me a path and "herded" the Zed-pods towards their fiery end.

Whilst I racked up the kills one amongst us, Mr Christian, failed to pick up a single kill. Looking for redemption he charged in at the last, rolled poorly and "bit the big one".

Another good nights Z-gaming. The more I play this one the more I wish I had got in on the Kickstarter. Somewhat aptly Amazon sent me an e-mail overnight suggesting it as my next purchase from them.............tempting!

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