Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Back to the Future

Bit of a six degrees of separation type ramble coming your way. Only fair to let you know :)

As I continue to re-establish / re-find / nurture my full on NERD I've finally got back to my regularr read of 200AD and the Megazine. Another good / bad / NERD (delete as applicable) habit that I got out of and have sorely missed. I kept my suns running so I've got a load of back issues in a box in a storage unit to someday catch up on so for now it's a continuation of a re-set.
Scarily easy to drop back into I was THRILLED to the max to find an ongoing Strontium Dogs story in early-arc along with your good old fashioned boot in the face Dredd and dear old Ampney.

Flicking the net yesterday morning I stumbled upon a draft KickStarter page for Rogue Trooper and had to exhibit great control not to squeal in girlish glee (whilst in the office) or throw my wallet physically at the screen :)

Much as I've not hit up a KickStarter before being something of a minor cynic I've missed out on both Zombiecide and Dreadball much to my regret. Several at the club are currently eyeing up Mr P's Beyond the Gates of Antares which tempts but Troop just hit the parts of me that other Kickers cant!

INSTANT EDIT: According to THIS CHAP Rogue goes live on Friday and he has a link to a free download of the rules............oh dear :)

I was also going to link a KS commentary / mini rant by Andy Foster aka Heresy Miniature but I seem to have lost it. I've got a PDF to read :)


  1. Rules look basic but fun ... always loved the Rogue Troopers.

    Will look at kickstarter

  2. Yeah had a flick and a little bit dissapointed.
    Tempted to pick up the figures and a PDF of Gates of Antares....... ;)

  3. Rogue Trooper....awesome.
    The models should be awesome. The tanks could be HUGE!