Monday, 18 February 2013

Fair Play

Bit more Dreadball as I've finished up the Ref and The Enforcer (Arnie accent optional).

My general style of play means that I very rarely, if ever, trouble the Ref. Maybe that's whee I've been going a bit wrong with the Orx, not bashing the other team up enough. It's a, vaguely, interesting point as with Blood Bowl I got on better with bash rather than flash where as it seems to be the other way arounf with DreadBall. Hmm....

Looking for something a little bit different  I went for a sort of quartered Harlequin look which seems to have come off pretty well. Didn't even realise that she quite literally had eyes in the back of her head until I got round to adding some paint!

Last Tuesday down at the club was a Dreadball League night with MVPs a plenty. Bidding a big old lump for a big old lump (initially to deny him to my opponent) he was something of a beast and help me to two whitewash victories. Still no varnish on the main team seems to be paying off!

The Iron Man scheme is one I've seen a few other use and couldn't resist. Good result!

Another 4 PPs on the month and I'm managing something of a decent run. Might have to re-shoot the photos tomorrow as these ones aren't great. We'll see.
EDIT: Update the photos.....still not great, need to get a better set-up sorted.
Next up, Jon Doe, Wildcard and my Dark Heresy figs!

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