Monday, 11 February 2013

It is NOT Heresy....

Our Lord and Master :)
.......and I shall NOT recant!

Thursday night we kicked the role-play group back into action with a first session of Dark Heresy. Reduced numbers due to real world stuff it was myself (Psyker), Charlie (Tech-Priest) and Rob (Adeptus Arbite) taking on whatever Mr Christian had to throw at us. We're expecting a NEW fourth member of the group from next session so just one down.

First sessions are always interesting as you work out initial relations and the reason for the group coming together.

As pawns of the Inquisition we were each individually "activated" and sent to Location X to await our first set of orders.They soon came, to Lift B of Hab-Block Zeta.

As a 55 Kg, skeletal, albino psyker with cold dead grey eyes and the ability to freak most "normals" out by being in the same room who's already been left paranoid by the Sanctioning "process" such orders are....... unsettling.I also took Flagellant as a character trait deciding that I'd flip a coin each campaign day to see how what mood / personality I was wearing. Today I am mostly being proper skitzo!!

Me, but non-Skeletor
So rather than reporting as ordered I turned early and his myself away in some useful shadows to check things out first. At the appointed time and Arbite and then a Tech-Priest turned up got onto the lift which then descended into a sub-basement. A little bit later the lift returned empty.Just as I was deciding to go have a look I was grabbed roughly from behind by two goons being told that my tardiness was unwelcome. Well, I naturally kicked off and tried mind-zapping to no effect. Going flaggy my skinny white frame was no match and I was dumped into the lift which descended.

Cowering in a corner I pulled my las-pistol and as the doors opened fired at the first shape......just missing the Tech-Priest. Pulled guns and shouting ensued until we all calmed down. Establishing surroundings we were in a long dank corridor with a bulkhead at the far end....Nice!
The Tech-Priest and then the Arbite wandered down to have a look. I let them. A few minutes later their was a hissing sound and the knock-out gas, well ....knocked me out!

Coming round a nice chap in a lab-coat briefed us from behind a heavy duty window. Something to do with an indentured worker apparently killed and harvested for organs, including a few alien ones that were obviously implanted.

At this point I had become relatively surly and engaged in dragging my heels both figuratively and literally. Accepting the kit we were given I then started rifling crates whilst my new colleagues left. There was then and episode involving a couple of servitors, a 55Kg spaz-monkey with a power-wrench. Some more knock-out gas and a servitor bear-hug resolved the issue :)

At this point we all decided to play a bit nicer, with each other and our GM. Rob did suggest that I WAS actually role-playing my character pretty fairly. A bit of an honest conversation followed to help set the relationship between players and GM. No tears before bedtime :)

After that we actually got on with the adventure!!

Turning up at the relevant low-life hab zone we got to work, whilst I continued to maintain a healthy "vigilance", and soon started running an obvious tangent to adventure, much to Mr C's increasing chagrin :) Prompted to visit a local hostelry we declined.........repeatedly :) :)
Dakka Dakka with mutliple proxies!
Staking out the local enforcers, who we suspected of being in on the recent disappearances, once again in the face of obvious prompts to go elsewhere, we got vaguely ambushed by them and definitely sprayed by automatic fire. Thankfully, as with most Level 1 encounters, a lot of that fire went wild and we eventually dispatched.
Stripping the bodies, much to Mr C's continuing chagrin, we continued on our tangent and holed up for the night along with my newly fractured ribs and slightly soiled new flak vest.
So a good first session and new relationships establish player to player and players to GM :)

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