Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Power of Paint

Last night was the second round of the club's Dreadball league.

First round was unpainted Plesin at which point I took a 7 point whitewash and scraped a 2 point win. One dead Jack and no experience made for a bit of a non starter.

Last night the New London WAR-SPs turned up based coated and washed. I played the bottom and then top teams in the league scraping a 2 point win and then eventually taking a 7 point loss. One dead Striker but another managed a 4 point strike to get the team's first XP and pick up an extra point of skill. Progress??

Tonight I've got the Gaurds 90%. Final highlights, maybe a glaze and then numbering. The rest of the boys are following along nicely and should be ready for a roadtrip to Hammerhead on Sunday. Hopeful of at lest equalling my CopperBowl standing.

We'll see :)

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