Monday, 11 February 2013

The Power of Paint II

So, finishing the job late on the evening before the relevant event the New London WAR-SPs took part in the Dreadball qualifier held at the Hammerhead show up in Newark.

Four games to the day I wasn't overly expectant so when the first result came in as a 7-Nil in the final rush (James -Humans) I was somewhat chuffed. With tourneys I've always been a mid table competitor and immensely happy with it.
Riding high in the rankings I was expecting a quick drop which surly arrived curtesy of some naff (Mike - Humas). Surely the newly painted curse had hit though it wasn't a thrashing which I put down to the lack of varnish as my last can had died when called upon.

Third game was a comedy of errors between myself and Chris's Veermyn though highly enjoyable, mainly thanks to GSOH in necessary spades. Somehow I edged a close win though neither of us would have begrudged the other.
Given mixed results all over I suddenly found myself in the championship game against a club-mate Rich W. As with games 1 and 2 it was Corp vs Corp and something of a strike-fest. A few stumbling sets of early dice saw me drop behind only for Lady Luck to redress the balance in the last couple of rushes to let me take the game!

Scarcely believing my first EVER tourney victory it soon transpired that due to my edged victory and Mike coming home with a 7-Nil landslide had pipped us both to the trophy!
In a final twist Mike had won the previous regional at Vapartnak and so had already qualified for the finals at Mantic Towers. With myself and Rich even on tourney points, Rich ahead on strike difference and myself taking the head to head, Mantic adwarded is both a final spot.…so a three-way then :p
All in all another very enjoyable tourney day. I sometimes flag a bit at these but once again was keen to the last. Didn't see too much of the show but seemed to be less to see than last time, which was a fair few years ago. Picked up a few supplies......and somehow four of the MVPs Slippery Joe, Wildcard, Jon Doe and The Enforcer.

Must have been good :)

PS: That's another 20 PPs in the bag too!

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