Thursday, 31 January 2013

The House that NERD Built

As I may have previously mentioned I have recently re-established my abode. Mr Christian (aka Andrew) is now my landlord as well a long standing gaming buddy.

Thus the ease with which I have sorted out my view of the TV across the painting station with plenty of  Big Bang. The X-Box was setup Monday night (Skyrim & GTA) and there have been the games of Dreadball and Warhammer Invasion.

We've also been re-establishing the fortnightly Thursday night roleplay session with something a little different. That would be Mr C running Fantasy Flight's Dark Heresy.

I didn't realise that there are a number of settings to play in. We're going for the "standard" Inquisition crew. Not sure if that's the same as going Lawful Good as the Imperium is fairly dark!

Deciding to play someone a bit different to normal I've gone for a Psyker. As a Void-born spacer Janus "Jynx" McKree is a bit of a cold fish for a start ......and then he turned out to be a proper paranoid. I already imagine him nervously playing with a set of runes consisting of "lucky" nuts, bolts and washers.

An obvious big decision is which figure to use! I definitely didn't want  a GW figure and I'd been e-browsing some of the Infinity stuff so I had a real browse at Tabletop Nation and came up with these two options. Both are nice figures and do the job ........having weird face-masks.
Trying to decide I couldn't so I bought both! you do and then had the idea that justified it. Fig on the left is confident, ship-board techie Jynx. Fig on the right is paranoid, freaked, out in the boonies Jynx. Huzzah!
Dear god I need to get a life..........maybe :)

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