Monday, 7 January 2013

The Power of Love

Another End of the Year post but not quite what you might think. LIFE has been "interesting" recently and involved something of a hard reset. Its all a bit sucky but there you go the point of this post is not to bleat on (too much) but mention the restorative powers of the hobby.

As many might I plan on medicating myself with hobby-love though due to current circumstances this will come in a number of phases as I re-establish myself, both in terms of my living circumstances and my gaming ability.

Phase 1: Play games at the club.

Basically get back down the Enfield Gamers and play some games..............any games!
I am currently limited in the figures that I have access to, the ones that I've stored at the club, but this includes my set of Space Hulk which I definitely intend to see some table time.

Current themes at the club are Dreadball and 40K. The second isn't an option and the former is far more enjoyable. Rich is also running a DB tournament day at the end of the month so I've signed myself for a bit of extra motivation.

Phase 2: Play more games / read.

My previously regular reading has gone horribly astray with several offerings partially completed and a big stack of 2000ADs accumulated. Answer; pick one and push through. This shall be Pratchett's Dodger which I've been persevering with but its been as much work as pleasure :/

I also want to get back to gaming outside of the club. My soon to be house-mate is a vaguely lapsed gamer so, once I get access, I'll be converting him to Warhammer Invasion ASAP. Practice games of DB are also to be targeted.
Getting back to some regular roleplay would be good as would a good lump of Skyrim..........taking arrows in the knee :)

Phase 3: Pick up the brushes.

Hopefully by the end of this month........hopefully.
Various projects I COULD pick back up;
- AWI / Tomahawks and Muskets / St Peytersburg
- Dystopian Wars Republique de France
- Mordor Orcs SAGA

I WILL get round to these EVENTUALLY but none are currently / likely to be played anytime soon.
A new year and start is an obvious excuse for a new project, though a limited one which I feel is far more acceptable.....something that comes out of of one box for example.

Zombiecide was my first thought quickly followed by DreadBall. For £75 I can have either, Zombiecide via Amazon no less, pretty much complete. At that level DB comes with four teams and an MDF pitch, just not the MVP star-players. DB makes more sense for a lot or reasons :)

So thats about it really. The last half of last year was a bit of non event hobby-wise. The first half of this year will be about nothing but. No real targets for Painting Points other than previous gauge of an attempted average of 20 per month. We shall see.

For that I first need to get back to playing games and enjoying doing so which is what it's ALL about. Sometimes that's too east to forget!

The power of love............HOBBY LURVE :)

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