Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Un-Friendly Fire.....

......or how in Space(Hulk) no-one can hear your Sgt scream as you heavy flamer him!

This week at Enfield Gamers I cracked out Space Hulk as myself an Chris played through the first "Suicide Run" mission from each side of the table. Something of the partially sighted leading the blind as this was Chris' first upgrade from Space Crusade and I hadn't played in ages.

Ably assisted by our fellows and occasional reference to the mysterious pamphlet of rules we refreshed as we went and had a jolly good time doing it :) In short the Marines won twice, the second time being a relative cake-walk as plenty of early command points saw them leg it toward the objective at max power.
 During the second game we stumbled upon the scenario that you see pictured below:

Poised for apparent victory it all went a bit wrong via the BA dice. At this point the Sgt has expended all of his Action Points and no Command Points remain. All he had to do was clear a 'Stealer and get out of the way for the Heavy Flamer to win the game .........but NO!
Cunning minds went into overtime and it was suggested that a Heavy Flamer blast to the Sgt's tile would clear and block it, allowing the BAs to claim certain victory with their next turn. Due to the BA's rapid advance 'Stealer resources hadn't had the chance to build up and very few were about.

The point further raised was is this a tactic that ANY Space Marine would sanction, especially against a Seargent of the 1st Chapter in a highly valuable set of Terminator Armour?
Well, this is TOYS so of course we did :) 2+ to kill.......'Stealer roasts........Sgt rolls a 1!
A quick 'Stealer turn and Game Over Man, Game Over! but for the Xenos!
A highly entertaining evening of toy love, but are we likely to hunted by the Dark Angels as fallen?
Much mirth ensued as we chatted around the point and then reluctantly went home :)
More action shots;

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