Sunday, 20 January 2013

Book Review: Dodger

And now for something relatively different..... the fact that its a book review that is. As with all of my reviews it'll be impressionistic rather than in depth.

The criticism of this approach might be laziness whilst the defence would be allowing people to make up their own minds :)

Anyway, as a lifelong Pratchett / Discworld addict this was something of an obvious purchase. I knew that it wasn't Discworld and as such would be different so was interested to establish how and how much.
Every fan is aware of his condition and enforced change of writing method and style. What effect this has is hard to know.

To be honest I've found the last dozen books to be a bit hit or miss but nor really known why. Felt a bit like the plot was becoming predictable despite the journey being an enjoyable one.

I have to admit that I initially struggled with Dodger. The character, story and style of its telling, unsurprisingly, was very Discworld-esque but then lacked the more fantastical elements that made, for me at least, so engaging. I found it all a bit confusing.

Once I accepted that this isn't a Discworld novel but a Discworld-eque novel about a cheeky chappy in the sewers of Victorian London then we got on much better together. It was still a bit of a push to get through to the rather obvious ending that was something of a relief.

Not a terrible read but hardly a classic. It's a shame that I won't be rushing out again :/

The acorn does not fall too far from the tree. Not so sure about the tree anymore.
I may burn for that!

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