Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hobby LURVE!!

As vaguely worrying as it is I spent a particularly satisfying evening last night basing some figures. Getting home after a hard day slaving over a hot desk I sorted out dinner quick as i could and got straight down to it :)

Not just any figures but four full ten man Dreadball teams. Shaun has been good enough to let me plunder his kickstarter kit until mine arrive to replace them. He has no idea how much joy this has brought to me :)

Now that I've resettled myself I have Wednesday and Thursday off work and the DB Copperbowl Tournament to attend at Tabletop Nation this Sunday. That's three whole days, inc Saturday, to paint up a team to take reeking of fresh varnish!

As Shaun had already built these lads all I did was glue them to bases and have a vague scrape at some flash. The most work was taking the bases off the sprue! its been so long since ive done anything, three months at leadt, that my joy could not be tempered by such a basic task.

I've been running paint schemes and fluff through my head since I grabbed them last Tuesday. Being somewhat rugby obsessed that had to come out somewhere.

The Orx will become Tohn-Gar (Tonga) a semi-feral tribe from a deep space asteroid making their way to matches stowing on old freighters.
Red base with white shorts and Dag tribal "tattoos" as per their shirt. The fact that the Tongan flag features a Christian dove will need to be worked in somewhere too :)

I really want the humans to be a take on London Wasps. The scheme is forming in my head. Yellow under suit, boots and helmets against black pates and white highlights. A decent corp name and background currently eludes me :/

For the Copperbowl I was going to take Humans as I've had most games with them, about 4 or 5, but reckon I can get the Orx painted quicker and better in the time AND have a Tonga shirt to wear on the day. I'm not worried about where I place so could be a good Orx learning curve as such.
Would still rather take the Wasps boys though. What do you think?

Club tonight to get Space Hulk some table time and maybe sneak in some more DB. Will let you know.........you lucky, lucky people :)

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