Monday, 28 January 2013

Copper Bottomed?

So, relatively recently home from the DB Copper-Bowl tourney at Tabletop Nation and a jolly good day out for myself and the Tohn-Gaah tribe.

Still somewhat fragrant from Saturday night's coats of varnish I nor they disgraced themselves amongst a field of 18 players. Experience levels were decidedly mixed, with myself towards the bottom end of the pool.
Firstly the full 10 man team nets me 20 Painting Points, the first for quite some time. Fair bit of work to get the scheme sorted and adjust down to to true 25mm but I'm very pleased with the final result :)
From four games of the day I came up with a close win, two close losses one of which was in overtime and one major ass-whooping when my dice finally gave in to the varnish fumes!
All the losses were against Veermyn, who I learnt a great deal, whilst also learning the limits of the Orx. I had a hard time chasing them around but ws able to do damage when I caught them.
Orx Gaurds being slammed in the back are VERY vulnerable, Veermyn less so.
I also learnt just how valuable Jacks can be but also how that one less dice, compared to Strikers, for most tasks can be crucial. Still who dares wins, my win against Humans came courtesy of a massively jammy 4 point strike in the final rush with plenty of exploding 6s!

Gobbo power, though the team is a real combined arms affair against the power of an Orx Gaurd. Fairly simple when you've only got two positions to worry about.

Much happier with my positional play throughout the day, clumping up players far less and producing a more zonal defence. Orxs seems to be happier as the Home team rather than chasing the game. Didn't go too heavily for kills but picked up a couple along the way without fouling.
Maybe something to explore but not really my style of play.

Tried a few things which worked, tried a few things which didn't. Learnt plenty about the game and the team :)
Finishing up two-thirds of the way down the table was happy enough for me. Got a win and was competitive for another two so pleased. I've always judged a tourney by gauging my enthusiasm for the final game and today I looked forward to it. The whole day left me keen to paint up my remaining teams and get them on the pitch.

As an unexpected bonus I picked up best painted.......well chuffed!

A few action shots to round out the post;

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