Sunday, 19 February 2012

I was Rob-bed!

Say hello to Rob!
Tuesday down at the Enfield Gamers we finished off Necromunda raid campaign turn and Rob's Delaque were going after my Spore Cave.

Rob's a really good bloke and has been a mate of mine for years. Gaming wise he has a penchant for Dwarves, despite being over 6 feet in height, though he does eat and drink like one! Rob also has a habit of accidentally cheating.....mainly himself and always offers an extremely enjoyable game of whatever you might be playing.

Back at the game with only three sentries against almost Rob's entire gang I didn't hold out too much hope and was quite thankful when Rob, and his dice, tripped the alarm though he had power-axed the objective, Honest Bob's, to bits by then.

With the rest of my lads coming in from the flanks Rob's lads were caught in the crossfire as they made their "Strategic Retreat" and took the first possible opportunity to bottle it.

So technically I squeaked a win, suffered zero injuries and my Spore Cave was merely damaged rather than destroyed. Something of a lucky result.....cheers Rob!
It's a skate-by. The Juves stake-out Honest Bob's
Lying down on the job
Second round of the night were 3-ways based on the scavengers scenario with 4D6x10 creds on offer in the centre of the table. Drawn against Stewart's cowardly Escher and Jon's much depleted Cawdor I felt that I had a decent sniff of a result.

Jon's Tunnels allowed most of his depleted band of god-squad to deploy all over the objective which he quickly stormed whilst Stewart and I tripped over each other to get at him. Jon rained grenades down on the Escher-ettes whilst I hid and sniped manfully whilst shifting around the open right flank.
With his hand forced Stewart made the first assault on Jon's position only to be cut down by a two-way crossfire and running away like, well a big bunch of girls. So as Jon turned for home I chased after him and nailed two of his lads with a wall of Juve-tastic short range Uzi fire.

With the swag-bag duly dropped it was a 50-50 check as to whether I found it.....NO! Jon did manage to capture himself a couple of young girls (ahem!!) who were quickly ransomed to go with his glut of XP.



  1. greetings from west london mate! think u inspired me to get back into necromunda cheers

  2. You're very welcome my friend, you're commentary keeps me posting :)