Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hit the LIGHTS!!!

I've found a format and I seem to be sticking to it :)
This is Lewis. Lewis has been doing an excellent job running Enfield Gamers' current Necromunda campaign and last night he came up with an absolute corker for us all to battle through!
Basically we were playing the Scavengers scenario with the low-light Treacherous Condition on Space Hulk boards or what we quickly dubbed Space-Munda which turns out to be a particularly awesome game.
Armed to the max
We basically used the board squares for movement and range and the corridors for line of sight, no shooting round corners, as per Space Hulk itself. We did play that you could shoot over another model's shoulder as long as you were directly behind them which added a certain element and allowed a bit more firepower to be applied.

To add an extra element to the scenario we made the lighting level a bit more random fluctuating on a D6 each turn. 1: 4 inch LoS, 2-5: 8 inch LoS 6: unlimited LoS. This helped make the games incredibly cagey as everyone strove to gain the drop on the other with the risk/reward equation being particularly savage.
In Space no-one can hear you Munda??
My first game of the evening was against Lewis's Goliaths and we quickly realised that the four flamers that we were deploying between us were likely to have a major effect on proceedings especially when set onto overwatch. For both of us this was something that we'd never done with flamers, why would you in a standard game?

The first few turns were all about manoeuvre / redeployment as most games generally at which point I suddenly found myself with the unexpected upper hand loot-wise. Then IT happened!
Beasty Strike 1
Beasty Strike 2

IT was my apparent need to employ the scenario's optional Beasty attack rule. Lewis wasn't keen to go tit for tat but I managed to goad him into it. The result?..........I lose a ganger and juve who between them were carrying 3 loot in a scream in the darkness and NEVER seen again....awesome :) My fault one suspects.

The loss of both loot and numbers soon told and forced into a corner with half my starting number still in the fight it was time to make that Tactical Withdrawl that we all know about. Nothing on offer but more pain

Juve-tastic: A killer in the making
One upside was one of my Juves, TK9237, scoring a total of 5 wounding hits, 4 of which were in combat. Suddenly he's top ganger and fairly tasty in a ruck, an uncommon trait for a Van Saar.......he probably deserves a name.

More D&D tomorrow night and I need some sleep :)

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