Friday, 17 February 2012


After a bit of thought I've decided to kill the WIP page and consolidate irregular WIP posts into the main page as at the mo it's all feeling a bit to thinly spread.

As such I've moved the most recent WIP post over:

Dystopian Wars. I've played loads of Uncharted Seas enjoyably plus a couple of run throughs of DW and despite the richness of the Steampunk background I never found any of the model ranges to click with me fully, always an important thing for me, until now........
I've been reguarly flicking past Spartan's site since the first flying battleship was posted up and now the whole French fleet is up on pre-order and my mojo is well and truly engaged. Very Tintin-esque (yes I know he's actually form Belgium) they just hit the spot that other factions fail to shell / torpedo / thermic lance. The great big thermic lances on the cruisers look awesome and subs with mortars have got to be a winner.

I really love the control towers on the bigger ships and plan on emualting the sea blue / ice grey camo shown on Spartan's site. I also plan to name every craft after a French rugby player, wingers for escorts, fly half for the carrier, back row for the cruisers with locks and props for the big boys. Flagship quite obviously has to be La Chabal :)

Might as well pick up everything I need in one lump which with rules will be a cool ton but with a club campaign in the offing I don't mind making an investment that I know i'll get a return on. Best paint those Orcs for sale then :)

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