Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Dungeons and Dragon Ride

Continuing a theme, this is Jon. Jon has been running the D&D campaign for those of us who do and is another founder member of Enfield Gamers and all of it's previous incarnations.

Well known around the club for his horrendous dice and excellently painted figures Undead Jon is also rather keen on all things hailing from the afterlife. Jon is also well known for his immaculately prepared rosters / ganglists / character sheets and the amount of work that he's put into the D&D.

Thursday night saw the latest instalment of D&D and Jon had prepared another stormer as we headed back into combat. Visiting a mage college on the isle of Isleholme we found it in "lockdown" for reasons initially unknown.

Effecting entry / breaking in the place was eerily silent until we finally made contact with an immensely jittery mage. Calming him down it became that their menagerie had broken loose and stood between us and the Arch-Mage's quarters. Well why wouldn't it?
Said menagerie consisted of an Owlbear and a Roper. The Roper caused some issues, dropping Rob's Dwarven Cleric to strength zero, thus collapsing to the floor a la newborn, and gave most of us a stern fight. The Owlbear lined up against Charlie's Ranger and Ian's Warlock.
Owlbear = Ranger fodder
Over the next few minutes we all noticed just how effective the Elven Ranger had become with his flaming bow. Standing still he kicks out two double-arrowed bow shots. One round of decent dice kicked out 75 damage and definitely clipped the Owl's, well.....everything!
The Roper almost gave us a good whipping.....before Ranger-time!
As mentioned the Roper tied several of us up, fairly literally, (ho ho ho) for a few rounds and was proving quite the handful. This was until Ranger boy came around the corner and unleashed his Hail of Doom Arrows. The guy suddenly seems to have become the deadly love-child of Legolas and Hank (for those in the know)!!
The Assassin de-cloaked
Moving on we had to do investigative stuff, i.e stuff that we couldn't shoot to death, like read and think. This proved more challenging until trouble came and found us in the slinky shape of an Assassin-ette.

Appearing from nowhere she headshot one mage type before disappearing before our various eyes. Locating our Arch-Mage we combined confusion with him attempting to locate her via Detect Evil and a little bit of scrying. Proving unable to do so she once again de-cloaked and shot our Arch-Mage dead in the head with a natural 20. Dog food in a cloak!
As we left it......mild chaos!
To top things off our first met guide proved turncoat summoning a ghost and ghasts before legging it along with Assasin-ella. Time also stormed out on us whilst we contemplated various risky pursuits.

A cliff-hanger then, just like any good series :)

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