Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Men from U.N.C.L.E

Today the club hosted a 7TV campaign day, run by the mercurial Mr R Jones, attended and supported by Crooked Dice Games, Ainsty Castings and no less a personality then Mr Kevin Dallimore.

For various reason I didn't play in the campaign but spent the majority of the day thoroughly enjoying and extended four way demo.

As I'm sure I've mentioned previously I've played a little bit before but this game really brought things together for me. Finding my natural evil-osity myself and Ian colluded to take out a London peace conference with a payload of nerve gas.... in a nice way of course!

My force include four Fem-Bots a set of which I have somehow acquired as a bit of variation to my recent pewter splurging. I'm also looking at clear acrylic bases, which I'm not too sure about but have seen about and am willing to give a go. Very good of me I'm sure!

A good day was had with all and especially the club as other than myself and Ian's "achievements" Shaun came joint 1st and Jon won the painting prize as judged by a certain painting living legend. I was also incredibly impressed by the tables provided by many of the players, shots below.

The day ended with chatter about spin offs into other genres with Will Smith style Wild West proving a popular potential. A wicky wah wah!!

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