Friday, 17 June 2011

Loose Ends: The Jedi - Struck Back

A bit more Star Wars RPG last night and apparently "It's not paranoia when you know that they're out to get you!" accordingly to Charlie.

Despite being a couple of players light it took quite sometime for the boys to settle on a plan for their eventual assault on the hanger containing their ship The Centennial Sparrow. Unfortunately part of their party had been spotted entering the city and the guards went onto high alert making stealth an as risky option as frontal assault.

In the end they went for a combined approach rigging an explosive cargo-sled delivery to the front door whilst hacking the side door.
Things went well enough early on but bogged down a little with the guards dropping back into the cover of various stacks of barrels and crates. With a stand-off developing that they didn't have the time for the Jedi once again stepped forward into the fray.

Initially I winced as this has generally meant that Jon has something dastardly effective up his sleeve. This time however his Force Push wasn't as useful as he had hoped or I had assumed. Switching to Plan B he skipped through my battle-line into a handy piece of cover.......almost!

His route brought him into view of the Repeating Blaster gunner who was set to cover such an eventually and duly opened up on him. Bloodied Jedi down, we got a bloodied Jedi Down!
Having to force the pace Mr C soon joined him, yet again (3 times this adventure now!) whilst the remaining two guards covered behind a crate and ran into the ship respectively.

At this point the lights flickered off to be replaced by the emergency version and the doors of a shipping container swung open and out strode Reinholdt, the battered Sable Dawn Dark Adept with his final Dark Marauder bodyguard who had escaped them at the previous warehouse showdown.

With the Jedi on the floor he once again clicked his fingers to Mind Control Charlie / Sindori, the group's most effective still standing fighter despite the damage that this caused him (Jon's previous Sever Force) via the Force Relay that the group had failed to identify and deal with at the previous warehouse showdown.

Cue maniacal laughter and an add break....... 'til next time on..... :)

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