Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Odes of Frank "War" Arnus Prt IV

Finally back to the action after a couple of weeks of delays the boys pulled a home match against Ludus Meridianus Londinium Peregrinus run by self renowned Gallic Lanista, Arsanus Vengerus.

With two of these new Retarii at the Ludus I thought it was about time they started returning my coin and sent them out for the first two bouts with instructions to use the net early. Both did as I told them, just as well, going hard from the off (chucking in plenty of bonus dice) but neither managing to snare their man (to the cost of plenty of bonus dice !)
Estaban was at least in an equal fight and after opening a number of wounds his opponent eventually raised two fingers to the gods and the first bout was mine!

Alfric, my latest addition and strong yet unskilled, however was obviously outclassed and was soon blowing hard whilst the Murmilo closed in on him. The gods smiled on him enough for him to dodge a lusty blow and inflict a steadily bleeding wound.

Roaring defiance his superior opponent refused to yield fighting on only for him to over-reach again and sprawl upon the sands. Alfric took his chance and speared him hard in the belly. This time no raised fingers were possible or needed!

With the day won I sent in Mehmet the undefeated Hoplomachus whilst Vengerus had difficulty even fielding a match. One swift spear strike to the leg saw him felled and Mehmet's status enhanced.

Another victory for Ludus Arnus! All i have to do now is keep my men as my men...... or move a little closer to Rome...

Open the wine!!

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