Friday, 3 June 2011

Death or Glory?

Another Star Wars RPG session last night that didn't get quite as far as I thought it might have, not that its a problem or anything.

We first had a chat through my ideas for serious injury generation, see a few posts down, which everyone was happy with even Mr C who is likely to be most affected.

Perhaps the lack of protest had something to do with the bumper supply of biscuits the Aaron provided!

More likely it was the fact that we actually had a proper look at the damage rules regarding death and discovered that all but two of the party would have experienced said event to date if we'd been using them.

Basically if you're reduced below 0 hit points by a hit that is greater than your Damage Threshold, the groups range across the mid teens, then you're dead, dead, DEAD!

Much like the first time I went to unleash force lightning I realised that this was far too strong and made it clear that the house rules would replace this.

It's also clear that I could do with re-reading through the stuff about Combat Level (CL) which is the system used to pitch your bad guys against the group. No terrible issues to date but no bad idea to re-cap either!
Secondly, the chaps did another excellent job of spooking themselves with a little help from their DM asking such innocent questions such as "So you're just going to broadcast that on an open channel?" and "Are you using the scanners actively, passively or not at all?"

All good fun :)

As such the boys, SPLIT THE PARTY, on their way to re-claim their now fixed ship and even employed a couple of friendly decoy runners. Halfway through their trip I sprung an update to my multi-cross via a Vid News broadcast including footage from the assault team, that they shot in the back, and various choice shots from the wharehouse security cameras.

Bwaa ha ha ha, ha ha ha ;)
As such by close of play only two of the party have reached the Centennial Sparrow's  hanger finding it locked down and under guard.

They have however had a scout about and managed to acquire a freight handler's uniform, security pass and hover loader for the price of just one stun round! Bargain!!

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