Sunday, 27 April 2014

Its a WONDER-Full World

Hello people,

Just had the day down at Tabletop Nation for the latest Star Trek: Attack Wing event. I continued my record of a win and two losses as part of a highly enjoyable day out. I wasn't alone as the place was heaving with geekery as there were WarMa-Hordes, Malifaux and Heroclix events to keep us company. As a bonus I got to catch up with quite a few gaming mates I haven't seen in a while and have a geeky catch-up.
I've never been one to deny my hobby to others but I've also rarely advertised the fact. In recent years it seems to have become more acceptable. Recently myself and the missus have seen both Spiderman and Cap America at the flicks. I've noticed a lot more Geek offerings on the high street with Marvel proving understandably popular. The fact that you can pick up a Cap T-shirt along with your milk and bread feels like something a bit different. My good lady has a few and keeps waving new offerings at me. Not so many years ago these things had to be hunted out and came with a complimentary stigma and a quota of weird looks.

Where you can get your toys has also become more mainstream. I picked up the core of a Dominion Breen / Cardassian fleet today but couldn't get a Koranak. As the recent recipient of an Amazon voucher that's been successfully sourced, along with a Bolt Action rulebook at the heavily discounted price of £16.75.

Interesting times??

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  1. Geeks rule!
    Yeah. definitely a move towards mainstream as the general population discovers just how much fun we are having in geekdom.