Thursday, 24 April 2014

What would Jason Statham do........part deux!

ITuesday night down at Enfield Gamers was the latest installment of the Zombiecide narrative campaign.

Following on from last time out PROD was missing one of its main agents provocateur whilst COCS had forgotten to bring the master spreadsheet. As such and with what looked like a relatively grab the objectives mission in front of us we did everything a bit half arsed on both the co-operation and planning fronts.

As such the zeds had the chance to bite back and did so....hard!
Kitting up early doors I went particularly Gun-Fu and most of us were fairly maxed out pretty quick. 

Jon / Jason picked up a chainsaw and went all red mist. Unfortunately it must have running on vapours as his dice were shocking and a bonus zombie turn saw him go down quicker than a Deathrace extra. It must have been a stunt double....obviously!

Charlie / Ned meanwhile went around assembling a pack of four dogs which once he'd found a second, fully fueled, chainsaw turned him into psycho-tramp flinging 11 dice in combat.
Unfortunately our lack of focus soon meant that the zeds were coming thick and fast while we scrambled for the last two objectives. Psycho-tramp carved a path with the rest of us in support but an Abomination had turned up and we hadn't the means to take him down.

Finally sharpening up a gap appeared between mobs and we went for it....only for a bonus zombie move to shut us down and see us swamped.
Unable to Psycho-tramp our way through all but one of us were munched for a total cast wipeout, or at least what should have been. 

I've mentioned before that I'm not sure about the whole Zom-vivor thing. I get that you're basically "on the turn" and see the extra facet to the game but it doesn't quite sit right with me personally. There are two strands to my thinking;
1. It feels like you're being rewarded for failure. Several times now a Zom-vivor has done the necessary damage and pulled victory from the jaws of Zom.
2. Surely the survivors wouldn't be overly trusting of thier newly shambling buddies. That's quite a leap of faith.

For the campaign we decided that a Zom-vivor will spend D3 games "on the turn", including the bitey one, before having to be put out if there misery.

Personal choice but I'd rather pick up a new character rather than let my personal hygiene go so drastically.....even as a wargamer :)

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