Sunday, 6 April 2014

We Come in Peace.....

.....Shoot to Kill! Shoot to Kill!

Not so much Klingons on the starboard bow (anyone else remember that one?) as the farce attending your locality as EotE returned Wednesday night to continue the vaguely planned assault on Ronsons Heavy Chemicals continued. Four out of five players were present, though this time we were sans Ryan which was interesting as Agenai was fully engaged. A simple phone call meant I could take his instructions, especially in respect of the stun vs kill debate, and all was good to go.

Kardosh the Duros Slicer brought several rather useful elements with him. Firstly a speeder aka a getaway car, secondly a different view on events and a less Route 1 attitude, thirdly an update as to the situation outside of Ronsons.
Probably the most important element was introducing a Route 2, mainly as Route 1 was getting a good kicking from the dice. Moving onto the next room, just one away from Kanto in his cell, the guards were decently prepared and aware that the intruders weren't really taking prisoners. Sindori opened proceedings with a grenade but it all went downhill from there with the guards (me) rolling a disturbing number of Triumphs. At one point I rolled two against Sindori only to put another on him a couple of rounds later, which seemed fitting given his bloodthirsty manner ;)

In short he took a Critical Hit, fell unconscious and had his armour blasted off of him which sent 7-UP-0 into a healing frenzy. His circuits got so overwrought that he even took a shot with his newly acquired blaster.......and took a Triumph Critical Hit to the forehead all of which sent his whinge chip into overload!
Eventually the lads, all FOUR of them, cracked the door on the Detention Block only to spend an inordinate time being held off by Lard-arse Larry and his jam doughnut. Meanwhile the Duty Sergeant had been at work in the control room the lads had preferred to bypass and had regained control of the door locks just as Lard-arse Larry and his jam doughnut was overcome.Battered and bruised they finally took control of the Detention Block.........deep inside Ronsons.

Kardosh meanwhile had to hack his way in through the back door, thanks to the "planned" lockdown, and quickly employed Route 2 which involved starting up the loader that the dozing tech had set to standby and re-modelling any door in sight.
Robby proved a highly effective recruit, at least until Kardosh tried taking him through the reinforced plas-crete wall at the back of the server room. Lots of rubble and dust but not so much big gaping which point the klaxons started to sound and the red lights came one.
Time for Route 3?? ;)

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