Wednesday, 2 April 2014

When Saturday Comes

Hello people,

So the latest move has happened and it was back to work today with the paints and brushes still in a box, though I've found the box at least. With a bit of luck a return to TOY-time should happen on Saturday :)

As part of the move plan I'd picked up a few nerd publications to provide sporadic relief as and when required.

The first of such publications was the latest two issues of White Dwarf. Yes I know I'm hardly a fanboy these days but I've flicked previously and thought I should finally do the honorable thing in coughing up and taking a proper look.

First thing that strikes is the amount of content, it's pretty high for the page-count and though heavily themed to the week's releases, entirely fair, does cover a number of bases. Even as a casual observer there's actually stuff that I WANT to read. 

Production quality is high as you'd expect but especially so for the page-count. Real time and effort has gone into this reincarnation and it shows, unlike the previous version. Somehow it seems to be cool again and I rather like that. I'm not going for a subscription anytime soon but I may pick up the odd issue for that nostalgia hit!

Next up is the Bolt Action Great Britain book so that I can get an idea of what my options for my Commando force and get a start on the Salute shopping list, which in itself gets me all nostalgic :)

Going to keep the force fast and light and already fancy an armoured car for support as obligatory armour and the chance for a toffee nosed accent or two!

Finally to go with the DMZ graphic novel above are a couple of first issues that I couldn't resist. I draw a lot of inspiration from comics, especially for roleplay storylines as well as background fluff in general.

As a comitted 2000AD fanboy I like my graphics and story with plenty of grit rather than glamour. Something a little bit different that challenges preconceptions, so I'm not sure where my previous Punisher fetish sprang from!

Roll on Saturday :)

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