Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What would Jason Statham do?

Evening people.

Last night was the latest instalment of Enfield Gamers narrative Zombiecide campaign. With a few extra bodies in the mix there were seven of us playing, which  gave scope for a touch of in-cooperative play ;)

While Mr C and Shado represented the Committee Of Cooperative Statistics (COCS) myself and Shaun established the Peoples Republic of Do-What-You-Want (PROD) ;) Soon it was a classic battle of stats vs gut feeling with our three compatriots torn between each manifesto. Toe the statistical line or stick it to da' Man (dice gods). 
Snowy Leopards!! ahem.......

The rally crys were much stronger from PROD and soon focused on the cinematic theme of the game. Jon was playing Rick, who is basically Jason Statham so up went the cry "What would Jason Statham do?". Damien was playing Derek who was quickly given a midlands accent, while I had Woody Harrelson who legged it to the pimp mobile and started shooting.

Back to the game the scenario turned tough quickly with COCS sneaking through the buildings, both female characters, while PROD jumped into a patrol car performing doughnuts and drive-bys with wild abandon. In the end it was the PROD pro-mayhem agenda that somehow won through whilst COCS got jumped by a horde of walkers given bonus actions, while Jon / Jason watched on with a steely look of revenge in his eye!

Following a final flurry of road-rage and flying lead we just about edged the scenario though Rob died once, becoming a Zom-Vivor and Mr C died twice, becoming worm food.
All in all a good night and a highly enjoyable game. I still think drive-bys are a bit strong and not sure about Zom-Vivors, surely the other guys would just cap them?, but all good gory fun that adds spice. There was even talk of assigning by characters by looks and personality, now there's a can of worms!!

Snowy Leopards!!


  1. Best title for a post evar.
    But it would depend on which Jason we're talkin' 'bout...
    Transporter Jason would grease himself up, bust up any baddies nearby, and finish with a ridiculous car trick...
    Expendables Jason would just do stuffs with knives. A lotta knives.

  2. Cheers Sin.
    Yeah, we kind of had that conversation, along with others that I shouldn't repeat, especially as the game got a bit Death Race with the cop car.
    Same conversation with Woody H as NBK was too obvious and WMCJ subject to group veto.
    So many great characters in the game that you could make so much of. A full Big Bang game would just bee a total Nerd-Gasm :)