Sunday, 2 March 2014

Running with the Hordes

Evening people,

The LOTR / SAGA Goblin Levy have just been washed so hopefully that should be another fistful of PPs tomorrow night and a completed 6 point force. I've really enjoyed this project, and especially painting the LOTR figures to the point that I'm already looking to expand the force.

An unarmoured Moria Troll with spear is 95% sourced from E-Bay while I've also been eyeing up some Warg Riders, they're just such lovely figures! I also dropped into GW Enfield on the way home from footy this afternoon to do a bit of research as I've also been eyeing up the Hunter Orcs, foot and mounted, to add a bit of variation to the force.

Going back to my recent rant, the newer figures are cool but I'm not sure why they're "worth" £5 and £7 a box more for the same number of figures :/ What was really cool was the chat that I had with Dan, the Manager, about what I was doing with them and what I was looking at. He mentioned the Half-Ogres in the Harad and Umbar range, that I wasn't even aware of! Checking them out on the website lead to a few more possibles;
How good are these? Excellent add on / command figures. Nice call Dan, really enjoyed the chat, you really got what I was after. If only a felt the same way about your employer.

Unfortunately Wednesday was another bust for Star Wars: EotE but instead we cracked the seal on Zombiecide: Prison Break. Setting up the tutorial we expected a fairly easy run breaking into the prison. Yeahh........not so much!!

A first turn Abomination didn't really help but the real step up is with the missions. As you would expect with a Prison security is paramount so we needed to go find the let us into the exercise yard full of shamblers. On the run pretty quickly we soon learned the power of the drive-by / zombie-ram which quickly drove up the kill count, and a such the Z-count!

The other twist are the Zombi-vor rules. Two of our guys went down only to get back up wild-eyed and suddenly far more durable. The same happened Tuesday night with the club ZC campaign. I haven't read the rules myself and am fairly sure we were doing it right but it does initially seem a bit strong.

Admittedly without our super-charged Z-Boys we would have been guaranteed zombie-chow and otherwise couldn't have touched the Abo. I can see the fluff point that whilst "on the turn" you might go all roid-tastic but I'm not so sure the rest of the party wouldn't be a touch wary of their newly resurrected buddies.
But hey, its a Zom-pocalypse..........and a game :) Good fun!!

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